This is Just to Say

by Not Like Igor

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Debut full-length from Lawrence, Kansas emo / math-rock band, Not Like Igor.


released January 5, 2015

Maxwell Gustav Moore - Guitar/ Vocals
Nicholas P. Fredrickson - Percussion
Anders P. Fredrickson - Bass/Vocals

Album art: Shelby Keierleber
Graphic design: John Metcalfe

Recording and production by Anders

Special thanks to: Alan Leiker, Skylar Brennan, the Moore family, and the Fredrickson family.



all rights reserved


Not Like Igor Lawrence, Kansas

We are an emo / math rock band from Lawrence, Kansas.

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Track Name: Comet
You are the spear over my chest.

Nobody else could do me justice.

There is nothing like a tiny ark

To dull all of the senses.

So let’s take this to heart.

Let’s take this point and drive it home.

You will kiss my silver tongue.

I wanted gold but it costs too much.

Can you hear that comet coming?

When I am scared of life I treat you well.
Track Name: Rosy Cheeks
What is more rhetorical, my questions or how you feel?

Speaking is a useless habit when there are no words to say.

Do you know what I think about before I go to sleep?

When I wake up I smell the roses in your cheeks.

This weight on my chest is the best gift that you could have given me.
Track Name: Build a Shelter
Build yourself a shelter with your tongue.

Build it hard and build it strong or don’t build one at all.

Here’s what I would look like with no lungs.

I’m trying to decide if breathing is worth these lousy hiccups.

And I’m only mad when you act like you don’t know your body too well.

Tilt your head and squint your eyes.

Don’t be surprised when my hand is steadying yours.
Track Name: How Are We
How are we?

It’s hard to tell, but lock and key don’t fit so well.

I’m cold as ice. Your breath’s like steam.

Our last kiss made salty cheeks.

That trembling chin will always haunt my fondest memories.

How many times can you ask me to subtract myself

Before your mathematics are all my body can help?

The conflict lies in the difference between you and

I learn to measure right from wrong

You learn the difference between right and

Left me for what? For the sake of argument?

I don’t give a fuck about petty grim.

I know you and you know me

We know each other and that makes three.
Track Name: Bleach Face
Here I am sitting so frail so small

Sipping Molotovs to set a fire to my stomach wall.

Ask my coach – I can run like the dickens

But I’d rather swim upstream to where to eagles eat the fishes.

20/10 vision, cut Sarah Jean a break.

She left her left lens at home on the bathroom sink.

They call it lonely, but I’ll tell you – separation –

It’s just a couple kids without a good sense of direction.
Track Name: Wasted (This is Just to Say)
I am wasted

By the looks that you give.

You always knew

Yeah, you always knew.

I can taste it.

It covers my mouth

Everytime that I breathe

Every time that you don’t.

This is just to say that I have felt all of your weight

Through the years and to this day I know you’re right.
Track Name: Receding Jawline
I’m too behind to see it now.

It’s fresh on your mind

It only gets worse from here.

Won’t you come down?

Don’t weigh it out

I’ll tell you now – your situation is better than it seems.

It hurts a whole lot – it’s more than you got

To say “fuck this shit”

But you know that I love you